Monday, November 10, 2008

Rules, what rules?!? We're Viktor et Rolf!

In truly typical modern style Viktor and Rolf have once again broken all the rules in presenting couture. With past collections they've shown their clothes live in black and white [using light and make-up to create an optical illusion], created a life-size doll's house featuring themselves as the puppeteers of a giant marionette show - and had models pass down the catwalk on a giant conveyor belt - like so many objects in a game show. Innovative presentation is integral and as easily as important as the product itself to Viktor and Rolf. Perhaps this is best explained by their first perfume, an ornate empty bottle sold in department stores and boutiques, now a collectors item. The duo's latest collection challenges an elitist notion; a privileged few viewing their clothes in advance of the public. They instead send out an open invitation for the world to log onto their official website and see an especially-made presentation of their Spring 2009 collection - featuring Shalom Harlow as the only model. Shalom walks the digital catwalk, by herself, over and over. The show, an entirely digital cavalcade, features multiple Shaloms and then dissolves them into a Shalomonist ether at the end of the show. The collection itself features crystal and organza detail that nods again to pixelation and pattern. So fine, so digital, so Viktor et Rolf!

The show is available to view on the innovative official site