Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Stylist's New Best Friend

We were recently asked to trial the new Phillips Perfectcare Iron and it quickly became the item we least wanted to give back. Here at Black we are not given to talking effusively about irons or products in general for that matter but this is quite a special tool. Why so good? Not only is it an iron and steamer in one but it is also the best iron and steamer we have ever used, in one. Usable on all fabrics, super safe on all fabrics and more than anything it just keeps on going with up to two hours before you need to top up the water. Seriously, this is the perfect stylist tool for big shoots where there are many garments to deal with or a high turnover of garments and just as importantly it's perfect for your own personal ironing at home. Available now at Briscoes, Noel Leeming and Farmers. Steam in and get one! Photo: Damien Nikora