Monday, November 19, 2012

On set: BLK #18: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Rachael Churchward shoot a special family

Holly Rose finals by Rachael

Yesterday we completed our shooting schedule for BLK #18 in the familiar environs of Auckland's inner west. Karen Inderbitzen-Waller lensed the shoot and Rachael Churchward and Karen combined to style an unusual 'family' that may or may not have been an alien Amish family on a holiday to Hawaii. M.A.C's Amber D once again provided stunning make-up in partnership with Stephen Marr's Jason Chong-Li who created gothic short haired wigs and even wore a scarf to get into the vibe of the shoot. Delphine Avril Planqueel was instrumental, as always, providing a shooting storyboard, lighting and digital and also shooting a fashion film which we will publish here on Blacklog in early December. The model family consisted of the wonderful Mercy, a big model in the UK throughout the 80s and 90s who last modelled in 1997, and the scarily fraternal Josh Skelton, Holly Rose at Red 11 and Jay at Clyne.

Jay get's his wig on with Jason

Holly Rose, in motel relaxation mode

Jay make-up by Amber D

Jay, Holly Rose and Josh

The matriarch, Mercy
Josh in Thistle Brown
Karen and Avril, Amber and Jason. Team!

Social media?

Betty Davis eyes!
Three Jays: Josh, Jay and Jason