Friday, September 7, 2012

Lela Jacobs x Studio Abnumeral Exhibition Launch at The Keep

"The next great technological disruption is brewing just out of sight. In small workshops, faceless office parks, garages and basements, revolutionaries are tinkering with machines that can turn digital bits into physical atoms" Michael Weinberg, Nov. 2010

Offering something a little left of Fashion Week, Lela Jacobs teamed up with design studio Abnumeral to collaborate on some beautiful 3D printed creations. The fashion designer and design team, made up of John- Troy O'Sullivan and Rupert Enberg, launched their creations last night at Lela Jacobs' store on K.Rd, The Keep, in partnership with GEM wines, Hallertau beer and Waiwera water.

The exhibition saw not only 3D printed crowns, collars and cuffs from their collaboration but also Abnumeral's own designs of a lighting rig, a BIC lighter/ branding tool, restored antique brackets and a vegetable steamer, all of which were made by 3D printing machines in France, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

The experimentation with the future of design and creation, and the various ways in which this can be practiced, brought up copious amounts of questions for the attendees. I loved that the new medium allowed both new ideas and the older, existing items, such as the antique brackets, to a modern fruition.

My favorite piece aside from the Victorian collar, chain and cross and crown (these were simply beautiful, the construction of these two pieces stopped people in their tracks!) was the inside of the vegetable steamer which replicated the structural landscape of the Arouaki Terrain. It was a work of art on its own.

If you didn't make it by last night, be sure to stop in a check them all out. The Keep will be hosting the exhibition for the next couple of weeks and it is definitely worth it.

All images by Yasmine Ganley