Friday, September 10, 2010

Black 13 - Robert Erdmann and Shirley Kurata shoot The Latebirds in L.A

Robert Erdmann has delivered a fab story for Black 13 on an Orange County, Los Angeles moped 'gang' called The Latebirds. We love the whole concept of a moped gang so have dedicated a swathe of pages to the documentary style story, which is styled by Shirley Kurata. Shirley is an L.A based stylist who has worked with plenty of indie and mainstream music stars and styled for mags across the US and Europe. Shirley's boyfriend is the Latebird's head honcho and we love the styling and attention to detail on the shoot. Here are a couple of preview shots and out-take images.

Robert came to stay with us for a few days over the weekend, on his way home from Sydney and it was great to spend some time with him. He is obviously an incumbent Black photographer, a great conversationalist and has a great eye for an interesting image or face as the shot below will attest. We picked him up from the Waiheke ferry after he had spent a night at the Boatshed Hotel and he had snapped this guy on the ferry on the way over. He has a great face and great personal style so if anyone knows who he is please post your answer on our Facebook page - we're keen to know. This weekend we are shooting twenty great models over two days for our RCM/Workshop retrospective so will blog that on both days...

Who is he?