Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black 12; On set Beautiful Youth Day 3

Greg finals on Tas wearing Stolen Girlfriends Club and Cybele

Sakura standing by wearing Cybele

Emiliene hair finals, wearing Stolen Girlfriends Club

Ariel wearing Glassons beret, Juliette Hogan

Above: Greg and Jannine at work with Mary wearing Alice Howard.
Below: Black Fashion Director Rachael Churchward
having a thoughtful moment.

Russ Flatt shooting at Kakamatua

Same crew; photographer Russ Flatt, fashion editor Rachael Churchward, hair editor Greg Murrell and make-up artist Margo Regan, different location and models. Kakamatua is a pretty Pohutakawa-laden harbour bay just short of Huia on Auckland's Manukau Harbour where the tide goes out a long way, and comes in very fast. It's also a handy 20 minute walk to our chosen location from the carpark so Greg Murrell and myself now have extra long gorilla arms from carrying flash unit batteries, but it was well worth the walk. Jannine @ Ryder was hair assistant. Models today were Tas and Ariel @ August, Sakura @ 62 Models and Mary and Emiliene @ Visage.