Saturday, March 6, 2010

Black 12: On set - Beautiful Youth Day 1

Rebekah & Rhianon @ August and Becky @ Vanity Walk
wearing Cerys Dallaway dresses and Karen Walker hats

Greg Murrell's finishing touches on Rebekah's hair

Margo Regan applies the brush to Rhianon

Margo draws a lip line on Becky

The trusty KW Resene Burnished Orange-painted
Converse with tights by Federation

Russ shooting Rhianon wearing Cerys Dallaway

Yesterday we shot the first day of our extended Russ Flatt/Rachael Churchward collaboration this issue: Beautiful Youth. Here's a few pics of the day although I missed the first flight of shooting as I was in town picking up the Habitual Fix for lunch but managed to capture some images of this, the second story of the day. Greg Murrell on hair, Margo Regan, make-up and Maxy assisted photographically. Models for the day were: Rhianon, Tyla and Rebekah @ August Models, Hannah @ 62 Models, Becky @ Vanity Walk and Chanelle and Alice @ Visage. Day two today, so will post some images later...