Monday, November 16, 2009

Sartorial Sixties Sindy

"Who's the swingingest girl in town? Who rates high on everyone's best-dressed list? Sindy, of course! She has complete wardrobes of casual and smart go-ahead clothes that match the exciting and fascinating life she leads." So says the intro to the The Sindy Set booklet which accompanied the original Sindy doll set of the late sixties and early seventies. Produced by Pedigree Dolls Ltd in London, Sindy was always far more fashionable than Barbie back in the day - although Barbie has enjoyed some fine collaborative fashion in recent times from world-class designers. The Churchword has in her collection this original New Zealand Sindy doll replete with some of her fabulous fashion-forward outfits so we thought we could dress her up on occasion and pop her up here on Blacklog to showcase some of her rather desirable wardrobe. Here Sindy wears her "Weekender" outfit - blue jeans with yellow stitching, blue, white and red striped cotton jersey top, pea coat with front fastening in wool and white sneakers - matched with a B.O.A.C shoulder bag. Hair & make-up by Sindy herself, of course!