Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spin This - Radostar

As a company steeped in design and innovation Rado has long collaborated with the arts and in particular, the art of design. The Swiss-based company has established a fine arts gallery which houses collaborations by Andy Warhol among others. Yet, to date, it has been a philanthropic relationship. Enter Radostar, a community for forward-thinking designers and creatives to post and share their work and ideas. The site offers an opportunity for designers of most disciplines; digital artists and film-makers, graphic designers, product designers, illustrators, photographers, animators etc to show their design difference.

We picked up quickly on (top) Raphaƫl Hoesli's Fris Bee Gees - a frisbee made from vinyl records (genius!) that also gives new meaning to the term 'spinning records,' and (above) Olivier Jeannin's thought-provoking ad for Fred cigarettes and also Ethan Imboden's Little Somethings.