Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Unbeatable BOX (and Cause Celebre)

Legendary bouncer Roseti models the Karen Walker Box jacket

Long before Auckland celebs were C-List there existed a bar/club/haven on High Street that was a constant cause for celebration. The Box/Cause Celebre was a double-barreled underground club run by the inimitable Simon Grigg and Tom Samson that, between 1989 and 1997, showcased a rainbow of musical styles of the time - everyone from Ice T to Stacey Pullen, Andrew Weatherall, Nathan Haines, even the Headless Chickens. The bar was well patronised throughout and helmed by a string of people who were characters in their own right; The Hat, Roseti, Sasi, Sam Masters, Soane, Tim Selusi et al. Many of Auckland's greatest club moments occured down those grotty stairs. It's all too good to forget so hallelujah let's celebrate at the Studio in Auckland's K Rd on Saturday June 27 - Take Me Back, the Box/Cause Celbre 20th reunion. The line-up is a vertible who's who of the time:

We too have fond memories of the venue having promoted a number of one-off clubs with Roger Perry under the Raze banner; Hit The Floor, Raze The Roof, RAW (the DJ Throwdown) and many more. Among those memories:

Roseti - now sadly passed, Roseti was the number one bouncer ever imho...

The sausage guy outside - this was back in the day when food was very important at 3am

Ice T performing to about 100 people in the Box

The night I got jealous and tugged a red-headed guy's hair who was very annoyingly trying to chat up Rachael. It turned out it was Mick Hucknall and he squealed

Sam Hill's first appearance when the Box was called the Siren, he dropped Quando Quando over a hip hop beat

Talking to Michael Hutchence for half an hour in the corner of Celebre, he was wearing a straw hat and jandals

Roger Perry slamming it at RAW

I could go on for hours to be honest but think I will save the rest of the memories until Take Me Back...

Limited $45 earlybird tickets on sale from Monday 11 May
Available exclusively at Strangely Normal (O’Connell St) and Marvel (Ponsonby Rd)

General $75 tickets available through iTicket and selected outlets.