Friday, November 1, 2013

BLACKlog editorial #66: Rui Dalton premieres his new cut with Thom Kerr

A few weeks back young serbian maori model Rui Dalton from Hunter Model Management returned from New York with more than just a new outlook on life. After careful consideration it was decided to take the plunge with a new hair cut and the final result speaks for itself! Here at Black we're big fans of the young man so we wanted to be the first to premiere the new do. We caught up quickly with Rui to find out how his trip went and how he feels about the new look. Styling by Sarah Birchley - Hair by Iggy using Kevin.Murphy and grooming by Penny Antuar.

Thom: How did you feel when you first found out that you signed to Wilhelmina in New York?
Rui: I was so excited that I couldn't stop jumping up and down with joy.

Were you nervous when you were on the plane about to leave?
I was not nervous at all. I was very happy to be on an adventure to New York being 17! It was very exciting and I'm still very appreciative for that.

What was your first impression of New York City?
It was awesome - all the unique buildings big and tall. The amount of people that live there is crazy.

What particular memory stays in your mind from your visit?
Hahaha. There are a few memories of the stay in New York City. The models I had met and stayed with, the people at Wilhelmina Agency and the squirrels. The squirrels were fun to watch!

How long did you stay away for?
I stayed away for about 6 weeks. By the end I was ready to come home as I was missing all of my family. 

When and where did you decide to cut your hair?
The decision for cutting it was made at my agency. A hairdresser was organised to come into the agency and cut my hair. 

Did you love the final result? (I do!)
Yes! I love the final result now as I'm used to it! At first I nearly cried as I had my long hair for six years and it had only been trimmed a few times. A change is always good.

Did you miss home whilst you were away?
I was feeling sad without my family, my parents, siblings and girlfriend. I am a family person so leaving was pretty hard. 

What's next in terms of travel?
The next in terms of travel is hopefully to go to New Zealand at the end of the year to visit my family and kiwi agency Red 11 for about six weeks. After that will be Sydney for a couple of months with my agency Chic then off to Europe and New York City.