Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blacklog editorial #58: Thom Kerr shoots a key selection of faces from Dallys Models

Dallys Models - Left to Right
Rae wears Stouls suede vest @ Sans Peur Workshop, Han pants, Topshop Unique shoes
Josh wears Han shirt and trousers, Beau Coops shoes
Sapphire wears Farron leather & silk tank @ Haut Boheme, Stouls leather pants @ Sans Peur Workshop
& Kenzo boots @ Maryons Shoes
Angus wears Gail Sorronda tee, Lee jeans, Dr Martens shoes
Nicole wears A.F Vandervorst dress @ Sans Peur Workshop, Givenchy boots @ Maryons Shoes
Joel wears Han leather jacket, Acne trousers, Tods boots
Grace wears Farron blouse @ Haut Boheme, Stould leather pants and Cinzia Araia wedges @ Sans Peur Workshop
Rui wears vintage trench coat from stylist's archives, Lee jeans & Dr Martens shoes

There's something in the Queensland water. The north east state of Australia seems to be producing some of Australia's most promising faces - both new and established. Black Australian editor Thom Kerr decided to profile some of his favourite models from the area, starting with Brisbane based Dallys model management. Thom kept it in the family once again with local Blacklog contributors including Sarah Birchley on styling, beauty by Gemma Elaine & Ashlea Penfold and some very special hair by Iggy. Alongside these beautiful portraits, Thom Kerr interviewed agency director Jodie McLean about the philosophy behind the agency to get an insiders perspective. All the pictures were captured at the Elisabeth Willis studio with styling assistance from Nyla Jade and hair assistance from Angela Rallings. Interview and images to follow...

Sapphire de Goede - will soon head to Paris for her first round of shows
Sapphire wears Ilaria Nistri dress @ Sans Peur Workshop and Farron leather bra

Thom: For those who don't know, who is June Dally Watkins?

Jodie: June Dally-Watkins was the first to open a Model agency in the southern hemisphere in 1950. We have been in operation for 63 years and continue to be going strong. She is still at the helm and is a very big part of the operation.

Angus Low - recently starred in the Lanvin campaign shot by Steven Meisel
Angus wears shirt and trousers by Han

How did Dally's agency begin?

Miss Dally as we fondly call her was encouraged by her mother to open an agency. Back in the 50's models managed their own careers so her mother ran the agency in the beginning.

Ruanui Dalton - currently in New York with Wilhelmina
Rui wears vintage trench coat from stylist's archives, Lee jeans

Who are some of the most successful faces to have come from Dallys?

Catherine McNeil, Miranda Kerr, Nicole Pollard, Samantha Harris, Stephanie Carter to name a few...

Rae Doherty - currently finishing high school
Rae wears dress by Gail Sorronda

What do you think is the Dally's philosophy in its approach to representing models?

Our philosophy is about genuine care about the people we represent, especially when they come to us at such an early age. We manage their careers and are very careful in placing our models with agencies that are like minded. We encourage parents to be a big part of their first stages, so it is a very family orientated environment. We believe in professionalism, transparency and honesty and it shows with the people that we represent.

Joel Meacock - walked Calvin Klein exclusive last season in New York
Joel wears vintage Russell Athletic tank, Lee jeans

What qualities does the ideal Dally's model possess?

They are professional, beautiful inside and out, business minded as well as understanding that they are their business and need always to be the best at what they do.

Grace Simmons - winner of the Girlfriend Model Search
Grace wears dress by Ilaria Nistri @ Sans Peur Workshop

How does Dally's stay up to date with the changes in the modelling landscape?

As we are the sister agency of Chic Management we are constantly working together on what is happening now in the market internationally. We are constantly meeting with scouts here in Australia and internationally to ensure that we are on trend for what the market is looking for.

Josh Cocks - professional dancer recently turned model
Josh Cocks wears Rick Owens tee @ Sans Peur Workshop

What advice would you give to talent looking to be discovered?

Don't just be discovered. Be famous. Give Dallys models a call!

Nicole Pollard - catwalk star internationally and recent appearance in the Dior campaign
Nicole wears Lanvin blazer @ Cara Mia Vintage and Rick Owens sneakers @ Sans Peur Workshop