Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Christmas Gif for you

Greta Larkins aka FashGif loves the creativity that the animated GIF offers. Of course animated GIFs are not new but Larkin's creative approach to the form and broad application to fashion is certainly unique. Since launching FashGif in 2011,  ostensibly to experiment with GIFs on her favourite runway walks, the Tumblr site has been featured on Tumblr's Spotlight fashion section, Trendland, DAZED Digital, Fashionista, the Daily Dot as well as colabs with Vogue Homme Japan, Oyster Mag and Calvin Klien among others. Now add Blacklog to that list as her friend, photographer Tracey Lee Hayes, colabs with FashGif on her Alys shoot with Justin Henry in BLK #18.