Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marr Factory Monday: Zambesi

Window on the Dawn. Photo: Oliver Rose

Day two of the Marr Factory and The Golden Dawn felt very much like a humming wee Tavern of Power as Zambesi and Zambesi Man showed their SS12 collection. Pre-show we had fun playing with the Golden Dawn Spirit Guide, a snazzy app that let's you discover the 'lost arts of Divination, Scrying, Astral Travel, Feasting and Astronomy.' The chalky catwalk is shaping as a simple but clever concept and Zambesi's intricate Z logo marked the turning point to the model's weaving, exploratory walk. In recent times Zambesi have often included a band or live act with their shows and last night was no different. Set up in the corner, She's So Rad, a band that are rapidly garnering international attention, provided live catwalk music with dreamy, psychedelic versions of tunes by the likes of The Clean and Julee Cruise, ably assisted pre and post show by a selection of snappy, upbeat tunes by DJ Ridge Jaggers. The show was a good length and the models, all from Red 11, looked suitably vampy with awesome make-up by Amber D and the M.A.C team and equally brilliant hair by the Jason Chong-Li led Stephen Marr team. Afterwards the photo call in the rooms upstairs was well directed by Oliver Rose who alongside Black photographer Yasmine Ganley, film maker Ralph Matthews and a small scrum of photographers and bloggers was searching for every angle possible in the wooden-walled and wallpapered rooms. It is this earthiness, casualness and camaraderie which is already making the Marr Factory week something to remember. Tonight, Workshop & Helen Cherry, styled by Black Magazine fashion director Rachael Churchward, more updates tomorrow and of course, a few Instagrams tonight. All photos by Oliver Rose, unless otherwise credited (Yasmine Ganley).

Wall of Zam. Photo: Yasmine Ganley

Out on the street

I wear my Zambesi Eyewear at night,
 and below a smorgasbord of images from the night