Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Set: Ryder Salon Blacklog Editorial behind-the-scenes by Grant Fell

Virginia Carde's deft touch on Rosie's eyelid

Yesterday we shot with photographer Damien Van der Vlist - back in New Zealand after setting up camp in London - and the crew from Ryder Salon to capturing looks that are indicative of the salon's style. In late May Ryder Salon is joining the migration down to the Britomart precinct, a development which is giving Auckland a long overdue make-over in a town planning sense. Peter Cooper and his development organisation Cooper & Company should take a well-deserved bow for the style and quality the area now exudes; brilliant vision and town planning at its best. Rachael Churchward styled six models; Rhianon at KHM, Rosie at Nova, Ella, Felix and Seth at 62 and Lily at Clyne, whilst Virginia Carde weaved her inimitable magic with make-up. Hair of course by Greg Murrell with assistance from talented Ryder Salon stylists Nicholas Macaulay and Kerry. Grant Fell spent the afternoon generally getting in the way and taking these behind-the-scenes images. Watch this space over the next few weeks for the full editorial images from the day.

Nicholas Macaulay's final touches on Lily's hair.
Lily wears: Trenchcoat by Helen Cherry, shirt and tie by Workshop Denim

Finals on Rhianon.
Rhianon wears: Jacket and shirt by Workshop Denim,
tie by Top Man at The Deartment Store
Dabbing down Felix.
Felix wears: Shirt by Workshop Denim
Ella wears: Jacket by Storm, shirt and tie by Workshop Denim
Rachael Churchward and Jessica Grubisa dressing Seth.
Seth wears: Jacket, shirt and tie by Top Man
Screen shot of Felix and Rosie.
Felix wears: Jacket by Workshop Denim, shirt by Comme des Garcons at Wunderkammer
Rosie wears: Jacket by Workshop Denim, knit top by Storm 
Greg Murrell setting up Rhianon's next look
Photographer Damien Van der Vlist
Finals on Ella by Greg Murrell
Models off duty fill in time with iPads, iPhones and BLK #15s 
Rachael Churchward adjusts Rosie's Workshop Denim jacket
Screen grab of Lily wearing: Helen Cherry short trench,
Workshop Denim jeans, shirt and tie
Damien editing Felix wearing: Top Man jacket and Zambesi shirt
Rosie, straight to camera wearing top by Storm