Saturday, December 3, 2011

Black #15: Preview

We are printing early next week so let's publish a few images from Black #15. No rhyme or reason as to these choices. Random is the word. To our deeply valued contributors - we love and adore...

Photo: Christopher Morris Fashion editor: David Bonney
Hair Gavin Anesbury Make-up: Nicole Thompson
Model: Jemma Baines. Jemma wears: shirt by Sara Phillips,
bra by Ellery,  gloves by Prada, bag by Rachel Ruddick..
Photo: Chadwick Tyler  Fashion: Michelle Cameron
Hair: Shin Arima Make-up: Valery Gherman
Model: Gertrud Hegelund
Gertrud wears: Alexander Wang

Photo: Greg Novak Fashion editor; Rachael Churchward
Make-up by Amber D. Hair by Jason Chong-Li
Model: Ella at Clyne
Photo: Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
Fashion editors: Rachael Churchward and Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
Hair: Shontal Healy Make-up Shirley Simpson
Model: Dasha at Vanity Walk
Dasha wears: Swimsuit and rope harness from Kate Sylvester archive,
skirt by Helen Cherry,leather glove by Taylor,
 sunglasses by Henry Holland for Le Specs,
sock garters worn on arms by Julia De Ville 

Photo: Michael Schwartz
Fashion editor: Andrew Holden
Hair: Roberto Di Cuia
Make-up: Carolina Dali
Model; Maja at Women NY
Photo: Paul Empson
Fashion editors: Rosanna Passaluca
Hair: Tobias Sanger
Make-up: Tina Rovanien
Model; Tanya D at Marilyn Paris
Tanya D wears: Top and skirt by Miu Miu

Photo: Russ Flatt
Fashion editor: Rachael Churchward
Hair: Kevin Murphy
Make-up: Shirley Simpson
Model; Rosie at Nova