Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kevin Murphy On His Way To Shoot For Black #15

Kevin Murphy, photographed by Yasmine Ganley.

We are extremely excited to share news that global hair genius, Kevin Murphy, will be joining our New Zealand team to shoot with LA based photographer and long time friend Robert Erdmann this November for Black #15. The pair have worked together numerous times on various global campaigns, so we are honoured to bring the pair back together again! Recently, when Kevin stopped into The Department Store in Takapuna, Auckland, we met with him to try out and hear about his latest Color Bug products.

In Kevin Murphy's own words he tells us how to apply, wear and care for your Hair Resort Spray and Color Bug products.

Hair Resort Spray

"You want to start by putting the hair resort spray into damp hair and dry that in. You can then put a bit of motion lotion over the top. make sure the hair is dry, put in about 6 wave clips in horizontally, two in the front, two in the side and two down the back, squirt a bit of hair resort spray onto the clips, dry them off with a dryer, let the hair cool down, take the wave clips out, a little bit more of a hair resort spray spritz over the top. finger it out with your fingers and then your done!"

Color Bug

"One of the most important things with the Color Bug is you want to treat it like make-up, so you put your 'foundation' on first, which would be your styling product, and then make the powder of the Color Bug stick to the styling product by rubbing it onto the hair."