Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sneak preview: Jessica Grubisa 4th year Whitecliffe's Collection

Readers of the latest issue of Black will know how enamoured we are with Whitecliffes' Jessica Grubisa. The fourth year fashion student is a fine example of the maturing of the Whitecliffes fashion program under tutors like Belinda Watt. We are definitely seeing an increased array of skills and talent from schools like Whitecliffes, AUT and Massey in Wellington - and that's highly encouraging. As part of the final year of the fashion course, Whitecliffe's students are required to dress a window around town so if you have noticed a few new window displays, you now know why. Here are a few shots of the window as Jess created it at Workshop Newmarket that feature some of her painstakingly-crafted 'gem' dresses. She will show the full range along with other Whitecliffes students like Yun Do, Creina Brunton and Stephanie Au-Duong at her graduation show in November.