Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nick Von K's black pearl snake head pieces

Photo: Daniel Max

Auckland jeweller Nick Von K has created something special with these black pearl, 18 carat white gold snakehead pieces. The bespoke, one-offs feature very rare, perfectly round black pearls sourced from a friend of photographer Daniel Max. "Willy" is the son of a Tahitian pearl farmer and had the pearls in his possession for many years before allowing Nick to use them for these unique, gorgeous pieces. For the larger piece, Nick came up with the idea of the snake swallowing the pearl, Willy loved it and Von K took the pearl to Bali where his best carver spent three days carving the snake head to fit perfectly whilst Von K sat with him to discuss the design. Von K has a valuation certificate valuing the piece at NZ $11,000. Anyone genuinely interested in the pieces can contact Nick directly: