Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ben Webb Exhibition

Ben Webb is one of the most enigmatic and interesting New Zealand artists. His first exhibition in 1996 represented the youngest ever showing of a NZ artist in a public gallery and not long after he went on to become the youngest NZ artist to represent NZ overseas. Ben has spent half the year in Berlin for over ten years, lived and shown in Buenos Aries and had European-based residencies and fellowships. For a boy from Dunedin, that's an international schedule. Over the years Ben has crossed over as much, if not more, than any New Zealand artist with the fashion industry. His collaborations include; Blanchet, Nom D, Carlson and Wunderkammer among others and his current exhibition features Elza and Nellie Jenkins (above and below) the twins made famous after their sojourn on NZ's Next Top Model. It is unlikely though, that fans of that show will be familiar with Ben's work. We think he is a genius, an artist who thinks outside the square and isn't afraid to cross the line. Here is a selection of his work, some of which is on display at Wunderkammer this week...

Ben Webb exhibition
Wunderkammer Showroom
62 Ponsonby Road,
Until this weekend