Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eating Sundaes on the Underground

Firstly, our thoughts and wishes go out to any Blacklog readers in the Christchurch area affected by the devastating quake. Kia kaha! Christchurch is a great city, it will rebuild...

This post is about a new jewellery label from a bit further down the line in Dunedin. Underground Sundae was founded by artist Anne-Mieke Ytsma in 2010. Ytsma comes form a fine art background but has been making jewellery since graduating from art school in 2006. More recently she has collaborated with Sara Aspinall's Company of Strangers label on a jewellery line but is launching Underground Sundae to realise the crossover between her art jewellery and the fashion based concepts she forged for COS.

Underground Sundae is available from Black Box and Children of Vision.