Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Around Louis Vuitton's world with The Selby

Anyone with an interest in the machinations of one of the world's great luxury brands Louis Vuitton, or anyone with a passing interest in fashion full stop, should take the time to go on a web journey with The Selby at Louis Todd Selby has singlehandedly created an entire genre online with his photographic forays into the homes of the fashionable, the artistic, the creative and the plain obscure on his wonderful site simply entitled The Selby. Todd has a unique talent; capturing environments, the people who live in them and the synergy between a space, the objects within and its occupants.

Louis Vuitton Fall/winter 2010/2011 - The Journey of a wardrobe is a fascinating insight into the brand and its longstanding and celebrated attention to detail. In Paris we look inside the Louis Vuitton residence in Asmieres (established by Louis Vuitton and his wife Emilie in 1876) observe, in Selby detail, the creation of a range in the workroom, visit the studio where Marc Jacobs weaves his magic and see everything there is to see behind an LV show right down to the model of the room in which the event was held. For those of us used to Antipodean backstage areas, the show backstage area in Paris is a thing of beauty in itself. The journey isn't limited to Paris however; Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and London all feature in a photographic sojourn that is both inspiring and intriguing. Who said the web wasn't dynamic? All images from the site by Todd Selby.